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It will not cost more to hire an individual with disabilities. Most accommodations (66%) cost less than $500. For every dollar an employer spends for a disability-related accommodation, a company can save $34 in other job-related expenses such as training and recruitment. Insurance and workers’ compensation rates for the company will not be affected by hiring an individual with a disability.

No Cost

At A Way Out Employment Services, we help businesses, at no cost to them, hire and retain valuable employees. We offer free training and extra support for employees to give their best to the their new employer. We have had a lot of success finding dedicated employees for local businesses.

Employees with disabilities and their families control $2.1 billion ANNUALLY in spending. These individuals demonstrate brand loyalty to businesses that hire individuals with disabilities

Business Sense

Hiring employees with disabilities makes good business sense.

“when businesses identify the strengths of employees with disabliities, then put them in jobs that match their skills, those employees turn out to be faithful, low-turnover, hard working employees”

Teresa Tanner,
Fifth Third Bank
Executive Vice President,
Chief Human Resources

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