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Job Development

Job Development involves a systematic approach to identifying and contacting potential employers who may or may not have an opening. It will help the individual with placement plan, and resume.


Jobs Seeking Skills Training

Teaches individuals on how to look for employment and where to look, newspapers, online etc., and how to fill out applications, how to follow up with employers, doing mock interviewing,


Job Retention

Job Retention is provided to give less intensive job support. Job Coach will still be in contact with employer and individual, the outcome is to keep Individual in employment.


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Our Employment Services

Job Development

A Way Out Employment Services, LLC focuses on customized employment services specific to the talents and interests of the consumer.  Our goal is to not just find you a job, but to find you the right job for you. Staff will simulate job interviews with clients to ensure they will be comfortable when interviewing.  In addition, staff will teach clients the importance of follow-up communications after any job interview.

 Career Exploration

A chance to learn more about specific jobs including time in the position completing the tasks. Based on the referral and consumer interest, this can be a job shadow of an employee completing the job or a limited time in the actual job performing the duties. Our Job Developers & Job Coaches will assist clients in exploring many occupations resulting in finding a position that not only fits the needs of the client but also their interests and goals.

 Job Skills Seeking Training (JSST)

JSST is the process, including developing tools to seek out employment opportunities that are a good fit for their individual needs. A Way Out Employment Services, LLC will assist clients with resume creation skills interview skills and how to follow up after an interview.

Job Placement

Our Job Developer will assist the client in searching through the many job opportunities they have. In order to find one that best suits the client and their needs.  Additionally, the Job Developer will do his or her best to ensure the position is competitive and long-term.

Job Coaching

A Way Out Employment Services, LLC Job Coach will meet with an employer to learn the requirements of the position and share that knowledge with the client, on and off the job site.  As the client learns and becomes confident with the requirements, the Job Coach will slowly fade from the work site as the client succeeds in the new position.

Work Experience

Work Experience is important because our Job Developers are outstanding in teaching clients a variety of skills including ethics, professionalism, productivity and how to work independently or in a team setting.  Practicing these behaviors ensure the client to not only be more employable but will also show potential employers what a great asset they could be to their company.

Work Adjustment

Work Adjustment provides goals & techniques to improve stamina, quality of work and positive behaviors.  It also teaches how to identify obstacle’s and create solutions in a productive way which will build confidence.

Summer Youth

Is a program to transition youth from high school into the work force.

 Community Based Assessment

A CBA is geared to determine a client’s vocational interests and abilities on specific jobs.  Working with different employers at the actual site provides a more accurate assessment of the skills a client possesses.


Transportation is provided for clients to go to and from work to their home. This service is provided under the waiver program through Medicaid.


This program is for students who are wanting to enter the working population and learn life skills before coming into the summer youth program.

Personal Adjustment

This program is used to teach life skills that could enhance the client’s employability and independence. PA may be used to utilize or to address work, behavior, hygiene, grooming concerns, or other concerns that may stand in the way of employment.

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